Writing Workshops

Writing Workshops

Our writing workshops help people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities unleash their creative spirit.

One-Day Writing Workshops

If you love writing, but don’t want the commitment of a full-length creative writing course, then the WriteWords one-day writing workshops are for you. The workshops are for writers of fiction and memoir, and our memoir workshops have proved particularly popular in recent times. Our workshops aim to help you discover their own natural ability to write and to put a structure to your thoughts. They will remind you that everyday life can be magical. You will come away from the workshops with a complete first draft of a story that you can then enhance in your own time if you want to take it further.

Children’s Writing Workshops

WriteWords offers three-day creative writing camps for children aged 8-12 during the Easter and summer holidays, and one-off workshops in the run-up to Halloween and Christmas. During these writing camps, children will create characters, explore new worlds and take off on exciting adventures. By the end of the workshop, they’ll have created their very own story. We also offer workshops to primary school children aged eight and upwards, and we’ll fit our material and the length of the workshops to suit your school’s timetable and needs.

Writing in the Community

WriteWords delivers creative writing workshops to a variety of community organisations. These workshops aim to help people experience the joy of expressing themselves through words, regardless of age, background and ability. We will work with organisations to create workshops that are tailored to the needs of their service users. We have worked in library and hospital settings, but we specialise in working with people with disabilities. Organisations we have collaborated with include Waterford Intellectual Disability Association, the National Council for the Blind, Waterford Healing Arts Trust and Waterford Libraries.