Transcription Services

Transcription Service

WriteWords offers transcription services that convert what is said on a sound file into written form. We have a fast turnaround time and can complete files to tight deadlines if they are urgent. Transcription means converting a sound recording into a written document, with the aim of providing a written record of what was said during a meeting or an interview. WriteWords aims to accurately reflect what you and the others on your sound file have said, so you can use the transcripts as evidence for your research.

We offer our transcription services to students who complete audio interviews with one or more participants as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate thesis. We also work with companies who are conducting research interviews or marketing focus groups. We offer different levels of transcription according to your needs, such as:

  • Full Verbatim – we write your words exactly as they are said, including ums, ahs, crutch words and unfinished words. This is a good option for researchers who need total accuracy, as it will help them avoid ambiguity and bias.
  • Clean Verbatim – we write every word, but we leave out ums, ahs, crutch words and unfinished words, which makes the document easier to read.
  • Edited Verbatim. Every word is written, but crutch words and hesitations are left out and the sentences are also edited so they are more grammatically correct.
  • Summarised Content: In these documents, we capture the essence of what was said and all secondary information is left out.