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Being able to tell your own story is a truly powerful thing. Taking a creative writing class will help you to give shape to the thoughts that have been rattling round in your head for years and bring them to life. WriteWords offers a variety of creative writing workshops that give children and adults the opportunity to tell their own stories and share them with the wider world.
Beginners’ Creative Writing Workshops.  Our eight-week beginners’ workshops are for people who have never written before and who have started to write and want to create full-length pieces of writing. During the workshops, you’ll learn about the ingredients of good storytelling, including plot, setting, characterisation and using the senses to evoke emotions and meories. Participants will write a story and share it with the group. You’ll receive specific, encouraging feedback that will help you develop your story further, and you’ll learn how to give constructive feedback to your fellow writers.
Children’s Creative Writing Camps. WriteWords holds week-long creative writing camps for 8-12 year old children during holiday periods. These camps offer a creative outlet to children who love reading or have artistic leanings – children who’d rather pick up a pencil than a ball. They open children up to a world of words and unleash their imaginations.  During the camps, your children will create characters, explore new worlds and take off on exciting adventures. They’ll use the techniques they learn to write stories and share them with their fellow campers, their families and friends.
Online Creative Writing Workshops. Our online creative writing workshops are just like our regular creative writing courses, but you can take them from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to be a technical genius to do them either. Every week, you’ll get an email package based on a different writing technique, such as character, plot or theme. It will contain notes and exercises that will help you develop that technique. We can tailor the packages to suit your learning needs and writing goals. These are ideal for people who want to develop their writing skills, but cannot attend a scheduled creative writing class.
One Day Writing Workshops. These are intensive workshops for more advanced writers who are working on a writing project and have ambitions to submit it for publication or to competitions. During the workshop, you’ll learn sophisticated writing techniques such as how to tell stories from a particular point of view and how characters interact with each other. You’ll also receive in-depth feedback on your work, from writers who are your peers, and this will greatly boost the quality of your work.
Writing in the Community. Our community-based writing workshops aim to help people discover the joy of expressing yourself through words regardless of age, background and ability. We will create short workshops that are tailored to the needs of your service users and that will give them the tools and confidence to tap into their creativity and tell their own stories. We will deliver the workshop in your premises, so that your service users will feel comfortable.

One-to-One Writing Consultations. This service is particularly useful for people who have a specific writing project they want to embark on, or who would prefer to have individual attention. The sessions last one hour, and we will discuss your writing goals and possible topics for you to explore in your writing. After the session session, you will receive a report which will summarise the points discussed in the session and give you advice on what to do next.




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