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How to tell a story about your business that grabs your customers.

Content Training For Entrepreneurs

You are the best person to write content for your business. You know it inside out. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a real passion for yours. At the very least, you’ll be committed to making it a success. All you need are the tools and the confidence to write that content. WriteWords will give you those with a content training course called Bestselling Content Creation for Business.

This course takes inspiration from the storytelling techniques of bestselling authors. We’ll show you how to use those techniques to tell a compelling story about your business that attracts customers. This story will then be the foundation for the marketing content you create. You can use parts of it for your website, your blogs and your social media. After an initial time investment in creating the story, this technique will make the process of creating content faster, easier – and fun.

The course has six modules, covering all aspects of content marketing.

They include:
  • Storytelling – this is the foundation module of the course. You’ll learn how to use the techniques of bestselling authors to tell your business story.
  • Web Content – how to tell a compelling story about your business on your website.
  • Blogs – creating brilliant blogs for your business.
  • Social Media Posts – write engaging posts for your social media platforms.
  • Video Scripts – write a script for your videos that will help you sound natural.
  • Traditional Marketing Content – content for press releases, mailshots and newsletters.

Content Writing Service

Our marketing content doesn’t just tell people about your business. It’ll tell them about the good your business does for the world – what innovative solutions you offer, how you bring them relief and peace of mind. Have a browse through the different types of content creation services we offer.

If you don’t have the time to write your own content – or you simply don’t want to – let us write it for you. Give Derbhile at WriteWords a call on 0876959799 and she’ll come up with brilliant content for you. 

Web Content

Your website is your shop window, and we'll fill that shop window with compelling content that will turn window-shopping browsers into customers who'll be excited to buy from you.

We'll fill your web pages with content that tells your customers exactly what you can do for them and how you can make their lives better. When they read your content, they'll understand your company's mission and about the benefits your company can bring them.

Our customer-focused web content will help you stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

Blog Posts

We will write blog posts that will allow you to showcase your skills and talents to your customers and cement your reputation as a leader in your field.

We understand that maintaining a blog can be time consuming, so we will take that time burden off your shoulders by creating regular blog posts that will keep your blog fresh.

Every time you post up one of our blog posts, you'll boost your website in the search rankings because search engines love new content. We'll help you boost your website visitors by up to 55% with our blog posts.

Marketing Content

Traditional marketing content is still of value in this digital age, and we’ll create content for your printed promotional materials that will help you reach your core audience – the people in your communities.

We'll create content for brochures, flyers and mailshots, and we'll help you reach the local and national press with newsworthy press releases.

We'll also help you build up the audience for your products with content for your email newsletters and campaigns

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