Bestselling Content Creation for Business

I’m excited to add a brand-new service to the WriteWords portfolio. It’s a content creation training course I call Bestselling Content Creation for Business. This course has a simple goal – to make you want to write your own marketing content, or at the very least, to see the point of it.


What Will This Course Do For You?


In this course, you will learn content creation techniques that will help you tell a compelling story about your business. This story will be the foundation for all of your marketing content. You’ll then learn how to tell that story in all the different types of marketing content you create. You’ll learn the storytelling techniques used by bestselling authors (that’s where the ‘bestselling’ part of the course title comes from.)


What Happens On the Course?


This is a highly interactive course delivered in six modules. I can deliver it virtually, face to face, or a mixture of both. You will actually be writing your own content in each of these modules, because I believe the best way to learn is by practising the skill.


Here are the six modules you can avail of on the course.


  • Telling Your Story –be inspired by the techniques of bestselling authors to write your own business story.
  • Write Content for Your Website
  • Brilliant Blog Posts
  • Create Social Media Content
  • Seduce the Media With Press Releases
  • Offline Marketing Content – Brochures and Newsletters


This diagram lays out the plot triangue structure for telling stories - beginning, middle and end.
This is the plot triangle, which offers you a simple structure for telling stories. You’ll learn about the plot triangle during this content creation course.


The Telling Your Story module is two hours long and the rest of the modules are one hour each. You can tailor the course to fit your needs. For example, you can take all six modules or just choose the modules that are relevant for you. Or you may decide the two-hour storytelling module is enough to get you started. It’s up to you.


Who Is This Course For?


If you run a small business and you struggle to find the time or headspace for writing content, this course is for you. You can arrange for members of your team to attend the course, so the job of creating content can be shared among you. The course is also useful for people who write content as part of a marketing or communications role and want to strengthen their writing skills.


How Much Is The Course?


The cost will depend on whether you’re doing the modules yourself or whether you want to organise the course for a team of staff. It’ll also depend on how many of the modules you want to do. I suggest you give me (Derbhile) a call on 087 6959799 and we can explore your options.


Why Is This Course For Me?


I may be putting myself out of a job as a copywriter, but I believe you’re the best person to write content for your business. You’re the one who lives and breathes your business. No-one else has your passion or your expertise. This course will give you the structure you need to share that passion and knowledge with the world. That structure will take the overwhelm out of writing content and make the process faster, easier and even fun! Best of all, you’ll learn how to tell a story about your business that your customers will want to hear and that’ll make you stand out.

I believe you can write brilliant content, and if you believe it too and want to sign up for the course, you can contact me on or on 087 6959799.

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