My Latest Writing Adventures

First up, I want to apologise for disappearing off the face of the earth for a few weeks. I was happily immersed in a mountain of writing projects. I have now climbed to the top of that mountain and I’m taking in the view. There are a few more peaks ahead for me, but I’ve begun to find my rhythm and I’m confident I can reach those peaks.

I was highly flattered a few weeks ago when two companies I have done work for from time to time asked me to produce content for them on a more regular basis. I’ve had to sign fancy documents promising I will say nothing about the nature of the work or who I work for. So, I will say nothing more.

Lessons Learned from Copywriting

However, there are two lessons that this work is teaching me. The biggest one is to write in someone else’s voice. In both cases, I’m writing in the voices of the people who own the companies. This requires me to adopt a more informal tone than I would usually use, and to be more indirect in how I present information.

It’s hard to slip under someone else’s skin, but I’m getting there. In the end, it’s not all about me, and once I realise that, it becomes easier to adopt a different writing voice.

I’m also refreshing my ability to write different forms of content designed to help the companies attract new audiences. I enjoy writing blog posts, and I’m writing blog posts for these companies. But I’m also writing blurbs and social media posts, which are short and snappy and challenge me to get my message across in as few words as possible.

Funding Applications for Writing Workshops

As if that wasn’t enough, I received notification at rather short notice about two juicy funding opportunities from Waterford Council. One is for funding that I also applied for last year from Creative Ireland. It’s an open call for projects in all artforms and of all types.

Strictly speaking, I wrote the application and the organisation I’m collaborating with, Waterford Intellectual Disability Association (WIDA) sent in the application. Last year, we used the funding money to produce a booklet of poems called Different and the Same. If we’re successful this year, we’ll produce a bigger booklet, and I will tell you all about it in this blog.

The booklet launched by Waterford Intellectual Disability Association under the Creative Ireland funding we received last year.

The second funding application was also under the Creative Ireland programme, but this time, it was for an initiative called the Teacher-Artist Partnership. If you’re successful, you get to train for a week at Waterford Teacher’s Centre.

You learn how to deliver arts programmes in a modern classroom, and then you’re placed in a school for a residency which will lead to an arts project. There are only four places on this scheme, so if I get a place, I will be boasting about it for some time.

What’s going on in your writing or marketing life? Feel free to share it in the comments below. If you feel I can be of help to you in achieving your writing goals, whether that’s to get a book over the line or to improve the content on your website, have a browse through the services I offer on WriteWords Editorial. I hope I can be of help to you in the near future.

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